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Next Mommy is a community for new and young mothers who need guidance and support to deal with small children and take care of them in the best possible way.  We know how tough pregnancy can be and offer the most simple and easy to follow solutions that help you cope up in this special phase of your life.

We bring you daily advice, humor, stories and everything in between about what you can expect during pregnancy up to the time when your child starts walking.

Not only this, but we have our own store where we offer top quality products to help young mothers provide only the most premium stuff to their children.  We understand what new mothers need to keep their babies looking adorable as well as comfortable. We have the best range of products to help them look and feel good and comfortable so the new mommy is also satisfied and knows that she is doing the best for her beloved child.

With Next Mommy, we are trying to bring a revolution in the lives of young mothers who want to do something good for their children. Our aim is to let the new moms have some peace of mind and enables them to look after their and the baby’s needs most effectively.

Log on to our website to find top of the line products that will help you indoors as well as outdoors when you go out with the baby along with some great tips. Our blog offers the best advice and information for women that will help them during pregnancies as well as in early childhood days.