10 Indications That You Are The Best Mommy

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You work constantly to ensure that your kid is happy and barely get time for yourself. Yet, many women have self-doubts about whether they are doing a good job with their kids or not. If you also have the same fear then it’s time you learned about the 10 indications that say you are a good mom. They will not only let you know that you are a good mom but will also give you the confidence to keep doing the right things in the future as well. Not to make you wait any further, here’s the list of those vital 10 indications.

1. You Believe in Yourself

The first sign of a good mom is that she is not just a mom. She is a woman, a lover, a wife, a sister and takes on many other roles. She believes in who she is and who she is becoming. The mothers who are doing a good job also realize that they have immense influence over their children.

2. You Have Set Your Priorities Right

Mothers who are doing their job right also set their priorities right. Missing a shower every once in a while because you spent that time in taking care of your baby is fine. Staying at home on a Friday night because you want some quality time with your baby rather than hanging out with friends also tells a lot about your priorities. If you see poop over your new dress and don’t worry about it because it’s a usual thing then you have set your priorities right.

3. You Admit to Having Bad Days

Every good mom has bad days and she brags about them in some cases. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a long relaxing bath rather than doing the laundry when your kid is asleep. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to wash your hair and have to go out with bad looking hair because you wanted to spend all the time in taking care of the kid. Sometimes you have no patience for screaming kids and want to just hide in our bedroom. All these bad days are a proof that you are a human who is trying her best to take care of all your responsibilities.

4. You Also Have Good Days

Good moms also have some good days. It is a day when everything you planned is executed flawlessly, be it waking up before the kids and making the breakfast, doing a workout when they are asleep and ensuring that the kids abide by everything you say. Though on these days, you usually do a lot of work but the tide seems to be going the way you want it.

5. You Know How to Say No

A good mom always knows when to say no to a job. A good mother never believes that she is a superhero who can do it all. Sometimes she wants to take a nap with her baby and don’t even changes her pajamas for the whole day. A good mother knows that meeting up friends is not important when her kid is showing symptoms of cold and she knows not to be fussy about not being able to do the dishes because she was playing with dolls to make her daughter happy. As they say, simplicity is the best policy and it works for women as well.

6. You Sleep Early

As a good mother, you don’t usually have a ton of energy. You know that you are tired and need to go to bed early and you do it. You often end your day at 7 pm and just relax even if you don’t sleep because you realize that tomorrow would be as hectic as today and you need all the energy you can get by resting.

7. You Worry

Every mother worries about her kids. If you also worry, pray and hope for a better future for your kids and their overall well being no matter how old they are, you are an awesome mom.

8. You Are Always There

A good mom always supports her kids through everything. She cheers them on when they are feeling low, she compliments them endlessly and encourages them to do better always. She is also there when the kid has a performance at school, wants to read a new story or attend a hobby class. You make your kids realize how special they are by expressing your love through loads of hugs and kisses.

9. You Laugh A Lot

Good mothers always know when to laugh at themselves. They often laugh when they get in the car only to realize that they have forgotten the key inside the house. They laugh when the milk spills twice in a day or they have to deal with diapers just 10 minutes apart. As a mother, you also laugh when nothing seems to go as you want it to. You don’t cry, you laugh as the latter never gives you a headache.

10. You Know You Are Not Perfect

The best thing about every great mom is that she knows that she is not perfect. She admits and accepts her mistakes and does better the next time. She will often have no idea what she did with the new dish she tried or the new sweater she weaved. She will often be confused, anxious, frustrated and nervous about whether everything is going right or not.

All in all, it can be seen that there is nothing like a perfect mother. Every woman is constantly learning on how to be a good mother. So if you fall under one or more of these categories, it’s time to give yourself a pat on your back because you really are a good mom. Always remember that appreciating yourself is the best way to motivate yourself to do better in the future so raise a toast to how awesome you are as a mom after tonight’s dinner and be proud of being yourself!! 


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