ROFL at This Version of We Can’t Stop… Having Babies! [VIDEO]

Andrea Chapman celebrated the birth of her twins and people all around her were ecstatic about it. Then she had a boy and people were happy again. But when she got pregnant again, her loved ones were thunderstruck.

The doting mother decided to celebrate the announcement of her fourth baby by writing a humorous song on the situation. She, along with her husband, Chad made a video of the song “We Can’t Stop” by adding “Having Babies to it.”

The chorus clearly sends off one message that it’s their family and they can do what they want. The scene set in the video is quite adorable. In the video, 3 kids are creating chaos while their weary parents are happily singing away.

The lines used by the parents-to-be are as real as it gets. Chapman sings that it will be they who’ll be up all night. It will be they who will love the new life. She also adds that is her body and she should have the right to grow anyone she wants to.

The latter line connected well with women all across the globe as it empowers women carrying their fourth or fifth child. These lines motivate them to avoid negative comments made by the people and remember that it’s their body. They can have 10 children if they want or not have even a single baby. It should be nobody’s business but theirs.

The mother-to-be said that she got the idea of this hilarious song after people gave unpleasant responses to her pregnancy. Some said they thought she was done and some even said that she didn’t seem to stop having children. The second opinion made her remember the Miley Cyrus song and she decided to write in down.

As you may have guessed, the song was an instant hit especially with the people who have large families. It got so popular that the Chapmans had to create a download link for it.

Andrea also said that she never thought to be a member of the big family club but she and her husband are ecstatic about welcoming their baby boy, who is yet to be born.

She joked that she was glad that she used her musical skills with this song finally after studying voice in school. The lovely lady also thinks that her parents would be proud of her singing skills and be happy because this video is a prime example of her talent that was honed after four expensive college years.

This video is surely worth a few minutes of your time as it will add some smile to your day and you won’t be able to help yourself from sharing it.

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