10 Mindblowing Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the little miracles that life has given us. Growing a child inside a body is incredible and every mother loves this wonderful phase of her life.

Sure there are bad parts associated with it like weight gain, morning sickness, swollen ankles but it all becomes a vague memory when you hold your child for the very first time. When he or she looks at you with the gorgeous eyes, every pain, every discomfort is forgotten.

It is a sad fact that most people associate pregnancy with details like a huge body, bad labor experience and painful cramps. They are so involved in the bad aspects that they often forget the extraordinary changes that occur due to pregnancy. Here’s a list of 10 mindboggling things that really happen when you are pregnant. Some of them are unbelievable but they are all true.

1. Your Uterus Gets Up To 500 Times Bigger

A woman’s body prepares for the birthing in unbelievable ways. Your uterus can enlarge 500 times its usual size and its weight can be 1 to 2 pounds. Amazing, isn’t it? After the birthing, it will retract to its normal size automatically.

2. Your Heart Gets Bigger

Apart from filing with the love for your child, your heart actually grows in size. When you are with a baby, the heart has to work overtime and beat at a rapid pace to ensure that you and your baby get ample amount of blood. The blood volume also increases by up to 50%. Woah! It seems unbelievable right!

3. Your Shoe Size May Change

Yes, it’s true. The relaxin hormone also loosens the ligaments of your feet and the weight gain due to pregnancy stretches your ligaments further. As a result, you may see that your feet’s length and width increase and your shoes no longer fit. Some women even grow one full shoe size. Don’t panic and buy loads of new shoes as the shoe size would reduce after birthing when the ligaments tighten up and you lose the extra weight.

4. Heightened Sense of Smell

Your body produces more estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) which allows you to smell things from a far distance too. It can be good when you get to smell all the good food cooking in the kitchen but it can be bad when you smell the garbage too. So, be sure to use this special power wisely.


To ensure that your baby gets out of your body (pelvis to be precise) smoothly, your body produces a hormone relaxin that softens your ligaments and helps the baby to enter into the world easily. Here’s the proof that your body actually changes for your little ones comfort.


When you are pregnant you might have fuller hair. It is due to the production of estrogen in your body that helps reduce the hair fall at its normal rate.  Women may also lose a lot of hair after the birthing because so little fell off when they were pregnant. So, don’t panic when you lose a bit of extra hair after your baby arrives, your body is just making up for the less hair fall during pregnancy. All will be well in the end.

7. Cravings are a Signal

All expectant mothers have different cravings. While some cravings may be harmless, other might be a sign. For example, if you crave salt, ice or even dirt (yes, women feel that), it means your body has fewer nutrients. Hence, you should always share your craving details with your obstetrician.

8. Baby Comes First for Mommy’s Body Too!

This is the most amazing thing about pregnancy. Whenever you eat, your baby gets the nutrients from the food first and the nutrients that are not needed by the baby are passed on to the mom. It’s a classic example of the special bond between a mother and the baby. You must eat for your baby when you are pregnant otherwise, your body will take the nutrients from you to keep baby healthy and you might lose your health.

9. Tall Women Are More Likely To Have Twins

If you are tall, you are more likely to have two kids at one time. It was revealed by a study conducted by Dr. Gary Steinman in 2006. He is an obstetrician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

10. You Won’t Believe Who Else Feels Pregnancy Symptoms

Your partner or the father of your baby will be with you every step of the way. Some expectant dads even feel pregnancy symptoms like cravings. It’s been documented and it’s named as the couvade syndrome. Dads can feel the symptoms from the first trimester till the birthing.  You must not laugh at them and help them get through it because men need more help with pregnancy symptoms, don’t you agree?



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